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Friendship, Faith, and Forgiveness: The Journey of Branden Smith, Brian Faulcon, and the True Definition of Stickman

Updated: Jan 2


In the757, friendships run deep, bonds forged in youth endure, and the term "stickman" takes on a profound meaning. This is the story of Branden Smith and Brian Faulcon, inseparable friends whose lives took an unexpected turn when they were wrongly accused of a crime. Their decade-long battle for justice, faith, and forgiveness recently culminated in Brian's pardon, a triumph celebrated by the community, the Vets, and those who rallied behind the cause.

The Unjust Accusation:

In 2011, the lives of Branden Smith and Brian Faulcon were turned upside down when they found themselves at the center of a criminal case they didn't commit. The journey through the legal system was arduous, testing their friendship, faith, and resilience. United in their innocence, Branden and Brian faced the challenges head-on, symbolizing unwavering loyalty.

The Decade-Long Battle:

For over a decade, Branden and Brian fought for justice, standing by each other through thick and thin. The legal battle was grueling, but their friendship never wavered. As the case unfolded, supporters rallied behind them, recognizing the injustice they faced. Their story became a symbol of perseverance and hope for those wrongly accused.

Pardon and Redemption:

In 2022, the turning point finally arrived. Brian Faulcon received a pardon from Governor Northam, a momentous occasion that marked the end of a long and painful chapter. The pardon was not only a legal victory but also a testament to the unwavering belief in justice, fueled by the petition started by those who cared deeply about Brian, Branden, and others facing similar struggles.

A Celebration of Triumph:

To welcome Brian home, the Seven Cities Vets hosted a special game at Kroc Hampton Roads. The event, attended by local basketball enthusiasts and supporters, featured some of the area's hoop veterans, including former Old Dominion University player Nick Wright, streetball legend Ryan "Gunz" Braxton, and, of course, Branden Smith. The game became a symbol of celebration, rejoicing, and awareness, shedding light on the importance of friendship and community support.

Jessica Larche's In-Depth Coverage:

Journalist Jessica Larche of WTKR played a crucial role in bringing Branden and Brian's story to light. Her in-depth coverage not only shed light on the legal intricacies of the case but also captured the emotional journey, showcasing the strength and resilience of the two friends.


Branden Smith, Brian Faulcon, and the true definition of stickman embody the values of friendship, faith, and forgiveness. Their journey from unjust accusation to redemption serves as a powerful reminder that even in the face of adversity, love and loyalty can conquer all. As the757 community rejoices in Brian's return and the Vets' welcome home game, the story of Branden and Brian will continue to inspire, encouraging us all to stand up for justice, support one another, and never lose hope in the pursuit of truth.

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