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Raemaad Wright: From Courtside to Classroom, The Real MVP Earns His Degree


In the dynamic world of student-athletes, few stories capture the essence of determination and achievement as vividly as that of Raemaad Wright. Fondly known as "The Real MVP," Raemaad has not only excelled on the basketball court for Virginia Union University but has also demonstrated outstanding prowess in the academic arena. This blog post celebrates his recent achievement – the earning of a dual major degree in Physics and Math, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his educational journey.

A Stellar Athletic Journey:

Raemaad Wright's journey at Virginia Union University was nothing short of remarkable. As a student-athlete, he showcased his prowess on the basketball court, earning several accolades and contributing significantly to the success of the Panthers.

Basketball Accolades:

- All CIAA Rookie Team: Raemaad's impact was evident early on, earning him a spot on the prestigious All CIAA Rookie Team. This accolade underscored his skill and potential as a rising star in collegiate basketball.

- Rookie of the Week: Raemaad's consistent stellar performances earned him the distinction of being named Rookie of the Week, a testament to his immediate impact on the court.

- Lowes CIAA Senior Class Award: Demonstrating excellence not just in athletics but also in leadership, Raemaad earned the Lowes CIAA Senior Class Award, recognizing his outstanding contributions both on and off the court.

- CIAA Defensive Player of the Week: His defensive prowess did not go unnoticed, as Raemaad earned the CIAA Defensive Player of the Week, showcasing his versatility and commitment to all facets of the game.

A Dual Major Triumph:

While leaving a lasting legacy in the sports arena, Raemaad didn't lose sight of his academic goals. Recently, he achieved a significant milestone – graduating with a dual major in Physics and Math from Virginia Union University. This accomplishment speaks volumes about his dedication to both his athletic and academic pursuits.

Leading the Panthers to Playoff Appearances:

Raemaad's contributions extended beyond individual accolades. As a key player for the Panthers, he played an instrumental role in leading the team to multiple playoff appearances. His leadership, skill, and tenacity on the court contributed significantly to the Panthers' success during his time at Virginia Union University.

Pursuing Excellence Beyond Graduation:

Raemaad Wright's educational journey doesn't end with his dual major degree. In the upcoming semester, he is set to continue his pursuit of knowledge by enrolling in a master's degree program. This commitment to ongoing education reflects Raemaad's dedication to personal and academic growth.


Raemaad Wright's story is a testament to the idea that excellence knows no bounds. From the basketball court to the academic arena, he has demonstrated a relentless pursuit of success. Earning a dual major in Physics and Math while garnering a host of athletic honors, Raemaad embodies the true essence of a student-athlete. As he steps into the next phase of his educational journey, we celebrate "The Real MVP" for his achievements and eagerly anticipate the continued success that undoubtedly lies ahead.

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