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Seven Cities Vets Secure Victory: Portsmouth City League Championship Triumph

In a season marked by grit, teamwork, and unyielding determination, the Seven Cities Vets emerged triumphant in the Portsmouth City League Championship, capping off a remarkable journey that saw them sweep through the season with unwavering tenacity.

The championship showdown unfolded against the formidable Baskyard Legends, a team led by the dynamic duo of Marcus Fisher and Montwell "Flite" Tarver. The Legends had proven to be a tough adversary throughout the season, setting the stage for an intense battle on the court.

Led by their seasoned coach, Lina Brown, the Seven Cities Vets approached the championship game with a focus on teamwork, strategy, and a hunger for victory. Coach Brown, known for her tactical brilliance, steered the team through challenges and strategic plays, ultimately adding another championship under her illustrious coaching career


On the offensive front, Lew Freeman emerged as the leading scorer, showcasing his scoring prowess and ability to navigate through tough defenses. His contributions were complemented by the defensive prowess of Gregg Gibbs, who not only anchored the team's defense but also led in steals, creating crucial turnovers that turned the tide in the Vets' favor.

The championship victory was not only a testament to individual skills but also highlighted the collective effort of the entire Seven Cities Vets team. Veterans Myles Holley and Mel Johnson played instrumental roles in boosting team morale, providing the necessary leadership and inspiration for their teammates.

The journey to the championship was not without its challenges, and the Seven Cities Vets demonstrated resilience and camaraderie at every turn. From nail-biting regular-season games to the intense matchups leading up to the championship, the team showcased a relentless pursuit of excellence.

As the final buzzer echoed through the arena, the Seven Cities Vets celebrated their well-deserved victory, securing the Portsmouth City League Championship. The championship win is not only a source of pride for the team but also a moment of celebration for the community that rallied behind their local heroes.

The Seven Cities Vets' triumph is a reminder that success in sports is not just about individual achievements but the collective spirit of a team working towards a common goal. As the city of Portsmouth revels in the glory of this championship win, the Seven Cities Vets have etched their names in the history books as champions who exemplify the true spirit of the game.

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