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Seven Cities Vets Triumph: Victory in Virginia Hoop League Summer Championship


In a stunning display of resilience and determination, the Seven Cities Vets recently secured victory in the Virginia Hoop League Summer Championship. This triumphant journey from a challenging start to championship glory is a testament to the team's grit, strategic additions, and individual brilliance. Let's delve into the exhilarating narrative of their season, highlighting key players and remarkable achievements that brought home the coveted championship.

A Rocky Start Turned Championship Glory:

The season began with the Vets facing adversity, starting off at 0-2. However, the team's fortunes took a dramatic turn with the addition of RaeMaad Wright, a player whose impact would be felt throughout the league. Wright's arrival ignited a spark within the team, transforming a challenging start into a journey toward championship success.

RaeMaad Wright: MVP and Rebound Maestro:

The addition of RaeMaad Wright proved to be a game-changer. Not only did he play a pivotal role in propelling the Vets to the championship, but he also earned the well-deserved title of MVP. Wright's dominance on the court was further emphasized by leading the league in rebounds, showcasing his prowess in both scoring and securing possessions for the team.

League Leaders and All-Stars:

Individual brilliance extended beyond RaeMaad Wright. Gregg Gibbs showcased his defensive prowess by leading the league in steals, while Tim Montgomery orchestrated the offense masterfully, topping the league in assists. The cohesive efforts of these standout players, along with the entire Vets team, were acknowledged as key contributors to their journey to the championship.

Va Hoop League All-Stars:

The recognition didn't stop at championship victory. Four members of the Seven Cities Vets – Coach Lina Brown, Mel Johnson, Gregg Gibbs, and RaeMaad Wright – were honored with a spot on the Va Hoop League All-Star Team. This acknowledgment not only celebrates their individual excellence but also highlights the collective strength and talent of the Vets as a whole.

Coach Lina Brown's Leadership:

Behind every successful team is a visionary leader, and Coach Lina Brown played an instrumental role in guiding the Vets to their championship triumph. Her strategic insights, motivational prowess, and ability to nurture the team's potential were pivotal in turning the season around and clinching the title.


The Seven Cities Vets' journey from a challenging start to the Virginia Hoop League Summer Championship victory is a tale of determination, teamwork, and individual excellence. With RaeMaad Wright's MVP performance, Gregg Gibbs's defensive prowess, Tim Montgomery's playmaking skills, and Coach Lina Brown's leadership, the Vets demonstrated the true essence of championship basketball. As the team celebrates this well-earned triumph, fans eagerly await the next chapter in the Seven Cities Vets' journey, confident that more victories and memorable moments lie ahead.

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