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Updated: Feb 5

The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that the Virginia Vets will begin play in November and will be owned by Jason Branch, a Hampton Roads native and a graduate of Tidewater Community College and Old Dominion University. 'We are very pleased to have Jason as part of the ABA,' stated ABA CEO Joe Newman. 'In addition to his academic background, he will use his skills in sales, finance and marketing that he developed from his 13 years in the automotive industry to make the team strong on and off the court.'

'I am very proud to bring the Red, White and Blue ball back to Hampton Roads,' added Branch. 'The ABA originally brought us the Virginia Squires and introduced the basketball world to the 3-point line, dunk contest and players such as Julius (Dr. J) Erving, George (Iceman) Gervin, Larry Brown, Neil Johnson, Fat Taylor, Dave Twardzik and Rudy Peel, all are former ABA/NBA players. Our community has deserved this for a long time and we very pleased that Norfolk's own Michael Evans will be our Head Coach. It is going to be an exciting season for sure.'

Sponsorships, partnerships and various other opportunities will be available. Tryouts are scheduled for July. For more information, follow VaVetsBasketball on Instagram or visit or email or visit


Joe Newman



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